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Deck Removal

Since 20015, Dirty Dog Hauling has successful dismantled and disposed of 100’s of old decks.  We can help you get your project complete without any hassles. Dirty Dog Hauling professionals will load, and haul away all debris and leave the area where your old deck once was nice and clean, free of all debris. The Dirty Dog Hauling Professionals Will:

  •  Tare down your old deck, porch or stoop.
  •  Work safely and efficient while protecting your home from any possible harm and damage.
  •  Remove all debris, clean and sweep the work area and haul away all removed debris.
  •  Dirty Dog Hauling will dispose of all material and debris responsibly.

Whether you are looking to get a new deck or have a concrete slab or platform, you first need to get your old deck removed. The removal of your old deck can be a big hassle and cause pain, discomfort not to mention it is a time consuming project when you do it your self. In some cases you might even have to hire two companies for this. One company would provide the labor and another would remove it.

Dirty Dog Hauling is you one stop shop. Why go through any hassle and unneeded burdens. We can take care of it all for you, both the demolition of your deck and the removal and hauling of all demolition debris.