Bagster Removal

Bagster Alternative in Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Carlisle PA

The Bagster is a product offered in most areas for junk removal of up to 3 Cubic Yards. Customers buy the bag at a local retail stores such as Lowes or Home Depot and then load it with material. The customer then must call and schedule a separate pickup for the bag.

The service includes the purchase of the bag that ranges between $30 and $40 and then the pickup of around $170. The total price for this product is approximately $200. Most people think that purchasing the bag is the all-inclusive price and find out later that there is a second fee. Dirty Dog Hauling picks up bags from customers all the time because they were unhappy with the unexpected second charge.  Dirty Dog Hauling can provide same day bagster removals from anywhere on your property.

As an alternative to The Bagster, Dirty Dog Hauling offers full service on-demand junk removal service that is a much simpler and more convenient alternative to The Bagster. Rather than loading a bag yourself, why not let trained professionals remove the junk from anywhere in or around your house or business. Following are a number of the benefits of Dirty Dog Hauling provides compared to The Bagster:

  • We provide the labor
  • No weight limit – Bagster limit of 3,300lbs
  • No volume limit – we can take up to 15 cubic yards in a single load
  • Dirty Dog Hauling shows up and provides removal in a 2 hour window

Looking For More Information on The Bagster Alternative?

If you’re on the fence about whether you should choose The Bagster or our full service junk removal service, give us a call at 717-232-4009. Our customer service team can help you determine the ideal service for your project.  For the same price as a Bagster, we load it and haul it for you.