On-the-Spot Pricing

How Our Pricing Works

Dirty Dog Hauling is more affordable than you may think. Our junk removal prices are all-inclusive, which means you get:

  • At minimum, two professional, uniformed and insured crew members
  • Junk removal from anywhere on the property or in the home
  • Loading, lifting and sorting
  • Recycling, donating and disposing of items
  • Transfer/Solid Waste station fees covered  
  • Gas and transportation

We charge by the amount of space your items take up in the truck. We think it’s better to you to price by volume instead of the length of time it takes us to lift and load. The best part is we’re cheaper in bulk: the more stuff you have, the more value you get!

Because of this pricing structure, you can imagine how difficult it would be to give you an accurate quote over the phone. We need to see the junk to provide a price; this is why we offer free, no-obligation estimates in person. When you call us, our friendly agents can give you a rough idea of prices based on your description (ranging from the low end to the high end) but it’s our crew who will provide an accurate quote when they arrive. If you are happy with the price, we’ll have your unwanted items quickly removed; if not, we thank you for the consideration.

Our junk removal prices vary from city to city due to disposal fees, gas prices and other regional variables. The easiest way to get a rough estimate without starting the booking process online is to call us at 1-866-469-5865 and speak with one of our helpful truck team members. Almost 100% of all calls are answered within the first minute!